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I would encourage everyone who is thinking about it to sign up, as it not only helps you change your body and be healthier but also provides a lot of useful additional knowledge

The main reason for doing the Arete programme was for myself. During the last few years I had grown increasingly unhappy about the way I was feeling and looking.

I enjoy being active and social, so l could feel that losing confidence was slowly changing me. This became equally important from a health point of view too as I could feel that I was unable to be active for as long as I used to be without getting exhausted.

I had recently finished studying alongside full time work which gave me the opportunity to change my priorities and put my health and myself at the top of my list of priorities. I wanted to change this all for the better instead of just moaning and not doing anything about it.

In the past, I have tried various activities and diets in order to lose weight and to feel better about myself. I have gone to gym and used the equipment I thought would be good for me based on the recommendations given during the gym induction/ free personal training session. I have attended frequent spinning classes as well as tried the Lighter life diet which is based on eating no more than 500 calories a day. As well as all of this I have also gone running (probably my least favourite activity in the whole wide world), swimming and tried to be active. None of them helped me.

I have always started feeling really motivated and full of dedication which then turned into disappointment as the expected weight loss didn’t happen. I think the most disappointing was Lighter life as found it really hard and did it for 3 months – the weight loss was minimal and came back straight away.

At the very beginning of my Arete programme I was worried that I would have to do a lot of running. I know it might sound silly but running is an exercise which is always linked to losing weight. As it turns out – I didn’t have to run and I actually enjoy every single exercise and find them really rewarding.

The other aspect I was worried about was social drinking – I don’t have issues drinking soda water on nights out but was worried about my friends and them questioning me about being ‘boring’. As it turns out my close friends have been amazing about it and I do not mind saying no to others as this programme is something I wanted and I did it for myself.

Lose Belly Fat - Santa's Story - The Arete Academy

I can say that I have absolutely enjoyed the programme.

At the beginning I struggled with eating breakfast but that has slowly changed and become part of my routine and I actually really enjoy the the food and nutrition part of the programme – I have learned to cook some amazing new recipes, I love courgette and cucumber noodles and most of my meals are something I look forward to. I am never hungry or bored and make sure that I help myself by making it different and interesting.

I always look forward to training if I haven’t trained for a couple of days and feel so good afterwards. I really like that Andrew always explains what is happening and why I am doing certain type of exercise if I ask. It is never the case that I go to training demotivated or not enjoy the time in the gym.

Overall the programme has been a brilliant learning curve for my nutritional needs and function of my body. I have lost 15.5kg and 20 cm around my waist as well as a considerable amount around my hips.* I have learned to think more positively about myself as I am doing something towards becoming healthy. As well as the weight loss and physical appearance, I feel much healthier – I have become stronger, fitter, have more energy and I am less tired – this is especially the case with afternoon energy slumps

It has made me believe that I can help myself if I put my mind to it. For me these are changes I would never even have hoped for and I am very happy about them. The whole programme has really made me rethink what kind of person I want to be and what I want for myself – I can do better than I have done so far for myself.

It has given me the most incredible results and it is not hard once you are motivated and want it for yourself.

I would encourage everyone who is thinking about it to sign up, as the Arete programme not only helps you change your body and be healthier but also provides a lot of useful additional knowledge: it is easy to maintain the principles for yourself. The nutritional principles, exercises and all the knowledge shared is something that stays with you.

Lose Belly Fat - Santa's Story - The Arete Academy

I think that this programme is the best thing I have done for myself!

Many women struggle to lose belly fat but it CAN be done.  If you’re unhappy with your midriff, perhaps it’s time to sign up for personal training.  At Arete Academy we will take into account your lifestyle and objectives and create a personalised programme that will see you lose belly fat – and you’ll never worry about your muffin top again.

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