Weight Loss Exercise Plan – Laura’s Story

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The results were amazing, not only physically but psychologically too.

I was always very active until I moved to the UK to do a Masters course where I completely stopped doing any exercise and started, as any student does, to enjoy my social life.

It wasn’t until I had some health problems and had to go through some really heavy medical treatment that I really lost track of my weight and general health. I got healthy again, in medical terms, but kept some unhealthy habits, like eating what I wanted, drinking a lot and not exercising. I had reached a point where I stopped recognising myself in the mirror.

It is not that I was super over-weight or super unhealthy, because I was going to the gym (once a week) with a personal trainer, but I really wasn’t happy with my lifestyle.

Weight Loss Exercise Plan - Laura's Story

In the end of 2012, I was home for Christmas and was called chubby on the street. That was it. I decided I needed to change things. I came back to the UK and went to meet Andy. We had a great first talk and I was sure that’s what I needed for my life.

It was quite scary in the beginning but I remember just before we started the programme, Andy asked me from 1-10 what was my motivation and I said 9, because of this initial fear. He said “great, I’m going to be the 1 you need to get to 10”. That was really great and even when I got to a 10 motivation, I can say that he was still that extra 1. Working with Andy has been the best decision I have made. Andy is very serious, knows a lot about health and exercise and is really, really supportive. He is also really nice and we actually had fun in our sessions.

Weight Loss Exercise Plan - Laura's Story

To me, working with Arete was more about a lifestyle change than just shedding some weight (or fat, how he would correct me now).

The results were amazing, not only physically but psychologically too. It was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life, but at the end I felt so happy, so empowered to have made it, so proud of knowing I was able to do something like this that I’m 100% sure it was worth it.

Andy was crucial to all of this, being super supportive all through the journey. I can’t recommend or thank him enough.

Weight loss exercise plans are great – so long as you stick to them and don’t ruin your hard work in the gym with poor eating habits.  Sometimes you need help to shed the pounds and keep them off.  That’s where The Arete Academy comes in – we will educate, support, train and motivate  you on every step of your journey – why not join today?

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