10 benefits of personal training you never expected…

I could be here all day reeling off the many benefits of personal training.

I’m a little biased – because I absolutely love what I do – and strive to ensure my clients get the most out of the time they spend working with me.

The obvious benefits of personal training are:

  • Execution – doing it safely and right (although this isn’t always obvious sadly)
  • Accountability – someone who cares that you turn up and get the job done
  • Experience – a proven track record of helping lots of people like you 
  • Expertise – so you don’t waste your time trying to find your own way

But here are 10 benefits of personal training you never expected:

Unexpected Benefit #1:

Respect from your peers

I could sit here and write how self respect is the ultimate goal and it’s all that matters.

And of course it matters.

But who am I kidding – getting respect and compliments from your family, friends and colleagues or even total strangers FEELS GOOD!

We are all human and it is cool when someone takes the time to recognise you obviously look after yourself inside and out. 

unexpected benefit #2: 

You will get “As Strong As F**k!”

I love this story… a while back, one of my clients was in a DIY shop.

When she effortlessly carried some heavy materials down from a high shelf, the shop attendant exclaimed to her husband:

“Wow, your wife is as strong as f**k!” in awe of her efforts.

And he wasn’t wrong!

The technical work you do in the gym will transfer into day to day or what I call ‘real world’ activities. 

unexpected benefit #3: 

Improved Self Awareness

Shining the spotlight on your body and behaviour through personal training, is not an easy process – it can be downright uncomfortable.

When you do though, you will see the same old patterns appear time after time.

Both positive and negative.

This can empower you to start being more honest with yourself and stop listening to your stories.

From there you can DECIDE what choices you need to make to realise the vision you have for your body and life because you know yourself much better.

Unexpected Benefit #4 

You will get a “counsellor” of sorts

it is inevitable – I have worked with so many people and have seen them go though so many things:

Weddings, divorces, illnesses, injury, job promotions/interviews, having kids – the list of life events is endless!

As  mentioned earlier, shining that spotlight is a very vulnerable position to put yourself in – and often once trust is built – you’re going to tell me stuff you wouldn’t necessarily tell others.

This is natural.

When you find yourself in a safe and comfortable space and a confidant you trust. It can be invaluable to get the support, the opportunity to vent to a somewhat trained ear and even referrals where helpful.

Unexpected Benefit #5

You will love going clothes shopping again!

Let’s face it – clothes shopping is a chore when you’re feeling overweight and unattractive.

Who wants to have to go and find something that covers the bits you hate up?

Be forced to shop at specific online stores?

Or buy that pair of elasticated waist jeans – hands up who has had to buy these?

Yes, my hands are up – believe it or not – I was there only last year.

Those jeans are now at the charity shop I am pleased to say and they won’t be coming back!

Unexpected Benefit #6

Improved Organisation

You will find you start organising your life better.

If you want REAL RESULTS you must be more organised in your life because the process demands that you

  • schedule regular appointments to go to the gym
  • plan and prep your meals
  • think ahead about how to manage social events

There’s no way changing these behaviours and many more can’t begin to transfer into other areas of your life too. Like your work, home and family life.

Unexpected Benefit #7 

personal training is an anchor

When other areas of your life are turbulent and you’re trying to spin lots of plates – when life feels crazy – like you’re on a rollercoaster.

Your personal training sessions can be your rock – a constant – that is always there for you.

The gym never lets you down – it is always there and ever reliable.

Benefits of Personal Training

Unexpected Benefit #8 

The benefits of personal training transcend the gym

My clients often come into the gym tired, drained and feeling stressed.

An hour later? 

They leave feeling like new people having made the time to focus on themselves and their bodies.

The vulnerability you must display.

The strength to push yourself and increase your capacity week on week.

The courage to say no.

The sheer bloody mindedness to do what you know you must especially when you don’t feel like doing it.

All of these attributes are required in other areas of your life: work, relationships, household chores, financial management – ALL can improve when you apply the same qualities personal training will help you unlock.

Unexpected Benefit #9 

Time in the “3rd space”

No, I am not on anything!

I believe one of the big benefits of personal training is how it provides a completely disconnected place from the other areas of your life.

A place you can be yourself.

Where you do not have to live up to other expectations.

Free of judgement.

Leaving the rest of the world behind for 45 minutes a couple of times each week.

Unexpected Benefit #10

Self Pride

Imagine saying to yourself

“You can do this, I’ve got this…”


“Well done son”

or “Man, I feel GOOD!”

You will start to hear this positive voice in your head as you progress if you listen out for it.

You may even find yourself enjoying looking in the mirror a little more often and for a little longer and with a few less clothes on!

Thinking “Damn, I like what I see these days!”

And that is totally ok 😉

Benefits of Personal Training


These are only a few of the many benefits of personal training – as long as you know how to pick the right personal trainer for you.

Wishing you health, fitness and happiness