How to Pick The Right Gym For You

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My Glasgow Gym turns thinking about going to the gym as a chore that eludes you

into a regular, rewarding habit…

To achieve this, it is vital you pick a gym where you feel you will be



And perhaps most importantly, it needs to be somewhere you actually look forward to going to!

Here are 6 things to think about when choosing the right gym for you:

1) People and Atmosphere

The type of people who go to and work at your gym are going to have a big influence on your overall experience. Your ability to effectively do what needs done at each visit will be compromised if you don’t feel comfortable in the environment.

You are going to find it very difficult to get yourself through the door in the first place.

Atmosphere plays a big role and it is people who create that atmosphere.

Staff should be supportive, helpful and friendly.

This should encourage the members to be similar.

This is what leads to creating a strong sense of community where people actually know your face and name rather than just being a number.

When joining, be sure to ask the staff what the main age range and goals of their members are and take advantage of .

This will give you a good idea as to whether you will fit in there or not.

At my Glasgow gym I have a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and with different occupations.

But they all have one important thing in common – they want to become a better version of themselves and live their best life.

This is cool because it means whoever you chat to can relate to what you want to achieve.

2) Location

Most advice states your gym should be around 15 minutes from either your home or your work to make it easy and accessible.

Obviously this helps but we believe it is much more important to find the RIGHT gym for you if you plan to commit to your training long term.

This may mean travelling a little further a field but it is worth it.

I have had people travel from as far a field as Edinburgh, Greenock and Lenzie to work with us at my Glasgow Gym.

Make sure your gym has plenty of free parking or is easily accessible by public transport.

You will be de-motivated to go if you have to spend an extra 15 minutes finding a space or walking from the bus stop!

3) Facilities and Gym Equipment

Equipment choice shows a level of care and understanding and investment by the gym in their members as not all kit is created equal.

Some matches your body’s structure and function better than others. They are adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes which is key!

My Glasgow gym is decked out with Cybex Resistance Training Equipment which feels fantastic to use

The layout of the gym floor is also important so you feel that you have enough privacy to concentrate on what you are doing without feeling like you are being watched or overlooked.

For me, the facilities away from the gym floor are nice luxuries. The main thing is that things are clean and functional because you are there to work hard and effectively.

4) Training Staff

A lot of people join the gym and congratulate themselves on doing so.

Yes, it is an admirable and necessary first step but I want you to think about it like this:

A gym membership is like buying a plane ticket. Getting on the plane at the airport, only to find there is no qualified pilot to fly the plane.

How are you going to get to where you want to be.

Do you know how to fly?

You could certainly try to learn and get off the ground yourself. That is going to take A LOT of time.

Coupled with frustrating and potentially dangerous trial and error.

Flying blind without a pilot or with an inexperienced one is not a great idea.

The quality and experience of your pilot will determine how safely, smoothly and directly you get to your destination.

5) Results and Care


Commercial gyms do not sell results and the feelings attached to achieving them.

They sell entry tickets to use their space and equipment without a clear map of how to get what you want.

In fact they actively hope you aren’t successful.

Let me explain – If every member showed up on a Monday night, there would be total chaos!

Long queues for machines and changing rooms.

Not enough parking

Inadequate staffing to supervise the amount of members on the gym floor.

Commercial gyms count on you NOT GOING regularly!

They are happy to take your monthly membership fee whilst you pay your £50+ per month for the privilege of still being out of shape and unhappy with your body.

How crazy is that?

At my Glasgow gym, I make sure you show up for your training sessions and care if you miss them.  

6) Cost vs Investment

So what are you paying for then?

To set foot in the gym?

For the latest fancy high tech gismos?

For plush towels and the jacuzzi?


To get life changing results that last forever?

Answering that question honestly when analysing the true cost of your gym membership will help you make a clearer choice when it comes to budgeting the investment you make in yourself and your body.

It must be budgeted as an essential cost not a luxury because your body needs it if you’re to get to where you want to be and stay there.


If you want to avoid being one of millions of people who waste money on monthly unused gym membership fees, then follow these steps.

If you want to see how I help people get confident using the gym, come for a free visit to my Glasgow Gym – I look forward to showing you around!