Salma’s Story

Learn how I helped Salma with personal training

If you really want to see results – not just a quick fix, but real lasting results – then this is the place for you.

Why did you sign up for Andy’s Academy?

I have always done some form of training with or without results.

When I came into the Academy and met Andrew, the initial idea was just to get back into training with no set goal.

It was really more to get the body moving but towards no set destination or goal.

Once I started training with Andrew that mindset changed completely.

What other exercise programmes & diets had you tried before and what success did you have?

I have always done some form of exercise – mostly running which was consistent for quite some time until I had an injury.

There was a long gap in between and then I moved to HIIT training here and there.

My diets were always short-lived, there wasn’t really a set plan – as long as I did some form exercise – I was ok to eat whatever.

There were a few small successes when training got intense but these were short-lived.

What issues were holding you back before you signed up?

Time restraints were my biggest excuse.

Like many others, I have a full-time job and a family to look after. My idea of exercise and gym meant being able to spend hours at the gym, using equipment that I really didn’t understand.

I assumed that the only reason I was not getting results was that I was not putting enough time into it.

I never lost my post-pregnancy weight and being self-conscious holds back a lot of people especially at gyms – they seem to be places for people with perfect physiques, not the ones who are aiming for one.

What were the main lessons you learned working with Andy?

Working with Andrew was a completely different experience from anything that I had done before.

It was working from the inside out. It was a whole new perspective on food and exercise, a whole new idea of working out.

There was no pressure but a gentle nudge to setting up a goal, to understanding what it was that I was really after.

The fact that you could get the same satisfaction and hit from a 15 min workout rather than spending hours, clueless at the gym was mind-boggling.

There was a whole new level of understanding of my own body and mind and what it was asking of me – understanding my self.

Working with Andrew is not your usual conventional PT sessions – it was a Journey – A journey of self-discovery!

“It’s worth every penny you spend and more”

How would you describe the service you’ve received from a value for money standpoint?

I would recommend it 100%.

It’s worth every penny you spend and more.

It’s like have your personal mind and body coach- there 24/7 dedicated especially to you.

You are not put in a box with everyone else whether you fit in it or not.

It’s a very personalised and individual experience – something that you take with you – experience and knowledge that stays with you for life.

It’s a journey of self-discovery and I don’t think you can put a price to that.

How are you different now after working with Andy?

I have come such a long way since I started working with Andrew.

I feel like a brand new person – I have a new normal, a normal that suits me much better.

I have learned a new language, a language that my body was speaking all these years and I had no clue what it was saying.

My mind is in alignment with my body. I have discovered my life force and an energy that I knew existed in me somewhere but did not know how to access.

It’s like I have been given a key to myself, to unlock the various doors to self-discovery and it is the most exhilarating experience ever.

What words would you use to describe your experience working with Andy?

The first one that springs to mind is life changing.

It is a unique experience and one that stays with you forever – you just can’t go back – it would be impossible to unlearn the things you learn with Andrew – the potential you discover to improve yourself is constant.

Andrew is a very giving individual with a purpose to share his knowledge and to help others become the best of themselves.

He is professional and approachable and extremely easy to talk to.

He is fun to work with and although he keeps you in check making sure you keep on track, you do have a good laugh and really enjoy what you are doing.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about signing up to work with Andy?

If you really want to see results – not just a quick fix, but real lasting results – then this is the place for you.

It’s hard to describe in words what a truly unique experience it is to work with Andrew.

But I think all it takes is a chat with Andrew to feel his energy and see what working with him would be like.

The gym is a pressure free, fun filled sanctuary that will leave you hungry for more.

And there is Andy’s whole community there too – people at different levels, like-minded and fun-loving people who motivate each other to keep going – you are never alone in it.

If there is one decision you were going to make that would take you on a journey unlike any before – then this is it!


GP, Glasgow