Trish’s Story

Learn how I helped Trish with personal training

I’m on an upward spiral – the exact opposite of the way I felt when I first signed up…

Why did you sign up for Andy’s Academy?

At the time I signed up for Andy’s Academy, I was in a bit of a downward spiral with regard to fitness and nutrition.

I wanted to be fitter and leaner, so I turned to the internet, only to be overwhelmed by the amount of (sometimes conflicting) advice.

I wanted and needed someone to help me cut through it all.

What other exercise programmes & diets had you tried before and what success did you have?

Prior to signing up with Andy, I’d never really been on a specific exercise programme as such, although had always kept fairly fit until the ‘wheels came off’.

The same can be said of my diet – my entire exercise/diet regime was pretty ad hoc.

What issues were holding you back before you signed up?

As mentioned earlier, I think the thing holding me back was information overload, resulting in paralysis and therefore doing nothing at all.

What were the main lessons you learned working with Andy?

1) There will be no overnight success – but there will be results by adhering to Andy’s advice and following the Academy’s principles.

2) Nutrition is key – yet does not mean deprivation in any way.

3) Exercise is key too – once you learn correct techniques.

How would you describe the service you’ve received from a value for money stand point?


How are you different now after working with Andy?

To date, I’ve had great results. I’m leaner, feel fitter and feel much more positive about everything. I’m on an upward spiral – the exact opposite of the way I felt when I first signed up.

What words would you use to describe your experience working with Andy?

It’s a pleasure working with Andy.

My experience has been extremely positive, inspiring and empowering.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about signing up to work with Andy?

Do it. Best thing I ever did.