Hayley’s Story

Learn how I helped Hayley

My wellbeing was always top of Andy’s agenda, and achieving optimum results a close second.

Prior to starting this programme, I was an unhealthy size 16.

I had spent years yo-yo dieting and constantly battling with my weight. My confidence was low and I was extremely unhappy with my body.

I followed numerous ‘diet’ plans, counting calories, points, syns etc where the sole focus was the number produced on the scales each week.

Although I lost weight following these plans, they predominantly promoted low-fat, high carb intake, consequently I did not feel good about myself; I was extremely lethargic with low energy levels; the weight easily crept back on and I learnt little about healthy nutrition.

Andy implemented the plan which produced results in a matter of weeks.

Within one week of following the nutrition plan, I felt in tune with body and had considerably more energy.

Andy’s personal approach of understanding my strengths and weaknesses meant he was able to tailor the plan to suit me. Andy taught me so much about nutrition and my body; every training session was unique and I thoroughly enjoyed every single one.

My wellbeing was always top of his agenda, and achieving optimum results a close second.

His dedication, constant support and motivation spurred me on throughout the process; he made training fun and provided sound advice whenever I needed it.

After  a few months, my total weight loss was over 20 pounds and I lost 12cm from my waist and 10cm from my hips.

I am now a comfortable size 12. I feel like a new person.

The perception I have of my body is now positive which has dramatically increased my confidence; I no longer suffer with lower back pain; I have vast amounts of energy with ‘lethargic afternoons’ being a thing of the past – this has helped in the work place and whilst studying in the last year of my degree.

This programme has not only transformed my body, it has transformed my mind- I know I will never revert back to old ways!!

I recommend anyone unhappy with their body or who wants to achieve a body-goal to go through this process.