Jose’s Story

Learn how I helped Jose with personal training in Glasgow

Andy has a completely different approach to anything I have done in the past…

How did you feel before you signed up?

After many years hitting the gym four to six times a week and more or less a
constant diet, I was struggling to get the results I was really looking for.

Not only was I getting tired physically but also psychologically!

What has your experience working with Andy been like?

My experience working with Andy has been really great!

It has changed not only my body shape and my perception of it but also my approach to my now new lifestyle.

Andy has a completely different approach to anything I have done in the past.

First of all, I am now certain it has been targeted to my aims.

Second of all, I do not feel it has been a struggle, physical or psychological, to reach them.

And finally, I feel it is a good part of my lifestyle.

Once you try it you will commit to it without a doubt!

How do you feel about the results you’ve achieved?

I am really happy with the results.

Like everything in life, you need a period of adaptation. I was not used to it and
therefore it was slightly hard at the beginning.

Soon enough I started to see obvious changes and that encouraged me to persevere and continue with it.

Because the process is not too restrictive, especially during the odd social event, it is well-tolerated and easy to get back to it later on.

You do not feel left out or the odd one at the party!

What have other people said about the changes you’ve made?

The changes I have achieved with the help of Andy are not only obvious to

Friends and family have noticed them too, which is really encouraging.

But the most important thing is I feel good and I can see myself continuing this way for a very long time.

What would you say to anyone how is thinking about working with Andy?

The experience Andy offers is for everyone! It will be targeted to your needs and you can
take it at your own pace.

Soon enough you will realise it is really working for you –

You have more stamina, you are not struggling at all, and you are closer to your goal!

Sharing your experience with the rest of Andy’s members is a great motivator and it will allow you to continue with your new you forever!

Try it! You will see a different and better you very soon!